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Monday, May 14, 2007

Bad Hair Days!

Lately I have been having some bad hair days! The problem I am having stems from wearing a half wig. I love to wear hair extension and have chosen this type of hair extension because I am lazy and don’t like to do my natural hair. I don’t like to do my natural hair everyday because it is time consuming and my hair is thick. Half wigs are also a great choice for me because I work out and wash my hair every other day. When getting ready for work in the morning or anywhere, all I have to do is:

Part my hair from ear to ear leaving my natural hair out in the front
Put the remainder of the hair in a ponytail
Pin the ponytail down with a bobby pin
Attach the wig
Brush my hair over the wig and go!

The hair that I leave out in the front is usually straightened with a pressing comb to ensure that my natural hair closely resembles the wig hair. The major issue with straitening my hair comes from having the pressing comb too hot which singes my hair. I know you are probably thinking “Why don’t you have a professional do your hair” or better yet “let the pressing comb cool a bit before you use it” You are right…. I could do these things and have done these things, I guess I’m just always running around like a chicken with it's head cut off these days which had got to stop. Anyway, I have been looking for alternatives to the type of hair extensions I currently use and types I have used in the past which include a sewn in full head weave, bonding, and clip on hair pieces. I came across the full lace wig. This seems like it would be a great alternative for me because I wouldn’t have to leave out any of my hair. When doing my research I noticed that male and female celebrities, cancer patients, and transvestites wear these types of hair extensions. If anyone has tried this type of hair extension please let me know your experiences with lace front wigs....I'm all ears!

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