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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Today I had a taste for Mexican

Anyone that knows me knows I love food. Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Indian, and we can’t forget Seafood! When I have a taste for Mexican food there are two taco stands in LA that come to mind, Chabelita and Campos. These two places are reasonable in price and are about 5 minutes from where I live. I go to Chabelita because they have really good chicken taquitos (2), they are home made and come with rice, beans, and a drink for about $5.75. Because the plate only has two taquitos, I get a side order which consist of two and by the end of the meal I am stuffed and smiling like a fat rat! I like Campos for the El Pazon burrito about $6.75, it comes with tortilla chips that I use to scoop the droppings from the burrito with. Just thinking about these two places makes my mouth water. Something else that made my mouth water today was my friend’s homemade taquitos. We met for lunch today which I was excited about because we always have great conversation. I had planned on bringing my lunch today but didn’t because I knew we would buy lunch at one of the restaurants in the building she works in. I also knew that today was the farmers market and when my friend and I worked together we would always go to the farmers market to taste all the free samples the vendors will allow. I was quite surprised when my friend didn’t buy lunch but brought leftovers from her dinner last night…..chicken taquitos! She let me try one and I instantly fell in love because it tastes so good and the recipe is really easy.

Jessica’s chicken taquitos

Shredded chicken
Mashed potatoes
Corn tortillas

Combine equal parts shredded chicken to mashed potatoes in a mixing bowl, add your favorite seasoning to flavor, place a scoop of the mixture close to the edge of the corn tortilla and roll, coat the bottom of your frying pan with a little vegetable oil, and place your taquito in the pan for frying until golden brown.

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