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Sunday, February 1, 2009

My two favorite birthday gifts and Infatuation with Hello Kitty

So, besides my early birthday gift of my new “President Barak Obama” I also got these cool Hello Kitty Floor Mats for my car. My mom presented me with them before my b-day dinner at Taylors Steak House here in LA (yum yum). I had been eyeing the mats for a while and told myself that my Hello Kitty Air freshener would be lonely if there were no mats to accompany it! I absolutely love Hello Kitty, I’ve had this love since I was a little girl.

At one point I even had the Hello Kitty Water Cooler
at my desk at work along with matching mouse and mouse pad…crazy right? Is there anybody out there who loves the kitty as much as me? I mean I know I’m not alone here! Is it a little over the top for me to check my lip gloss by grabbing my Hello Kitty mirror from my purse, or covering the Verizon logo on my cell phone with a Hello Kitty sticker, or even pay bills using Hello Kitty Personal Checks?


  1. omg, look at the water cooler! how cool is that.

    hope you're staying dry in the rain. ugh, isn't it annoying!? it's insane how much downpour we're getting here.

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