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Monday, June 28, 2010

My 1st trip to IMATS LA 2010 at the Pasadena Convention Center

Today is the last day of IMATS LA 2010 at the Pasadena Convention Center. I heard about the tradeshow last year and was bummed that I missed it, I had never been before and when I found out that two of my favorite YouTube Gurus were going to be speaking I figured I couldn’t miss this in addition to getting the chance to try products I’d seen in magazines, blogs, and TV. I attend Saturday and Sunday but since I’m not a pro Make-up Artist I had to constantly remind myself not to buy stuff that I don’t need right now! None of my friends are into make-up like me so I went by myself and had the best two days of my life in a really long time! I made sure to wear flat shoes, bring a bag for my purchases, and a clean face. I figured “Why put on makeup, there will be a million MUA’s to beat my face! “ Unfortunately I looked a hot greasy mess in these pictures. Lol

 The first person I met while waiting in line to buy my Exhibition Hall ticket was Petrilude. I was so excited to meet him because I enjoy his Youtube videos and I’m also a fan on his Facebook page. About one month prior to IMATS he did a video on the “Nude Lips” and mentioned some helpful tips for women of color. I usually watch tutorials/videos on my blackberry or on my laptop when I have free time but after I saw his video I ended up making my very first YouTube response video. I had no idea he would be there because I didn’t see his video on IMATS so when I saw him I gave him a hug without asking first and accidentally got his face wet from my wet hair! (Who does that!... he probably thought I was a “Psycho Fan but he was gracious and kind enough to take a picture with me! Lol)

Immediately after purchasing  my ticket I was on my way into the Exhibition Hall where all the vendors were unfortunately I didn’t have my bracelet so I had to turn around and grab it otherwise they don’t let you in the door, so as I was searching for the line I saw Lauren aka the Queen of Blending. Hers were some of the 1st makeup videos that I ran across on Youtube I admire her work and she often stresses that you don’t have to only use MAC products, in fact one of the brushes she uses in many of her videos is a Sonia Kashuk brush that you can get from Target. Not only is she is talented, she is just as beautiful in person and although she was busy working at the OCC booth  she gave two suggestions that would match my complexion in the OCC Lip Tar for a nude lip. Yup I’m still on the search for the perfect color J

As soon as I walked into the Hall who do I see? Ren Ren aka MakeupbyRenRen. I couldn’t believe my luck, she was one of the reasons I decided to attend! I’ve been subscribed to her channel since 2008 along with Lauren. Last Friday Ren Ren posted a video on preparing for IMATS and after seeing hers and EnKoreMakeup videos I was even more excited about going. Ren Ren is gorgeous in person as well and I have to say she is just as sweet in person as she is in her videos. Yaaaaay, Team Ren Ren! I was really happy that I got the chance to met her and the person who took the pic was no other than Leina aka MakeupByLeinaBaaaby, hot damn can the day get any better?

Once again talk about luck! Heres the backstory: A couple of months ago I made a Nicky Minaj playlist (videos, interviews, and even threw in 2 makeup tutorials), when I first walked into the Convention Center I headed straight for the longest line which turned out to be the “Will Call” line. I saw a girl walking past that looked familiar but I paid it no attention. Well the same girl offered to take the picture of Ren Ren and myself and I thought again “this girl sure does look familiar and damn her makeup is bangin!” It turned out to be MakeupbyLeinababy the same girl who did the Nicky makeup tutorials! Wow what a coincidence, I didn’t expect to met her but boy was it a treat to meet such a sweet and talented girl.

As I was watching airbrushing at the Dinair booth I saw Kandee Johnson. I had just fanned her Facebook page on Friday and here I am getting a chance to met her! Meeting Kandee was wonderful because she is extremely personable and down to earth, here is a picture Kandee’s mom took of us. “Yaaay Kandee & Mama Kandee” Lol

While waiting in line to purchase some lip gloss (no surprise that it was yet another attempt at finding a nude lip color) from the Eve Pearl line I got a chance to meet Eve herself. 

Once again another nice and talented lady who took the time to meet / take a picture with me, suggested which of her foundations would match my complexion best, and encouraged me to go to her Sunday class called The flawless Face: Women of Color. By the way it was a great class because I learned lots of helpful tips on applying everyday make-up using her products for high def cameras (salmon concealer, ect). After the class I got a chance to met one of the models Eve worked on and the makeup was blended well, looked great in person an hour later, matched her complexion well.


  1. It was my 1st time this year also and I had an incredible time! Did you get a chance to go to the YouTube panel/seminar? It was amazing. Great pictures, looks like you had a lot of FUN!

  2. Thanks for stopping by VeronicaGlam. I didn't get a chance to go to the YT panel. I hope they incorporate the same thing next year because I would love to attend. You're right, I had a wonderful time and honestly wish I would have taken even more pictures.