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Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweets are a girl's best friend!

A friend and I had been making plans to go to lunch at the Farmer's Market. We ended up going on Tuesday and we had a great time. I got my lunch from the little Cajun place called "The Gumbo Pot" and my friend got a French dip from "Phil's". I have to say that both of us enjoyed our food which was good because there is nothing that I hate more than to get excited about trying something new and it be a total let down! After we ate our food I tried to convince my friend to stop by Pinkberry to get a sample but it was a no go! This ended up being a good thing because he had just mentioned last week that he watched a show that talked about a place that made great coconut cupcakes that wasn't far from the Farmer's Market. I whipped out my blackberry to get directions and started driving. I ended up down the street at Joan's on Third and boy was I amped. First off, I didn't trip off the fact that the parking sucks because I was just excited to get some dessert! As soon as I walked up to the door I fell in love. The store is so cute and the set up reminds me of Meryl Streep's store in that movie "It's Complicated". Joan's on Third has all kinds of gourmet stuff but what caught my attention was all of the sweets. I settled on a strawberry cream puff and damn it was good! My friend got a Coconut cupcake and he also got a Snickers cupcake that I couldn't seem to snag a bite of for the life of me! Lol I did however get a bite of the coconut cupcake and I even took a picture of both cupcakes to taunt all my Facebook friends with.  The cream puff left me wanting more so I found myself driving to Inglewood. I ended up at Harriet's Cheesecake Unlimited for a slice of Praline Cheesecake and all I can say is "Daaaaaaaang it was good!" I was told to ask for all the "fixins" which is carmel and nuts on top of this big hunk of cheesecake and I totally think its worth the 6 bucks for slice.

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